The Pit Stop S13 E10 | Trixie Mattel & Nicky Doll Talk Makeover Week | RuPaul's Drag Race

13 Th03, 2021
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Get freaky with Season 12’s makeup goddess Nicky Doll as she joins @Trixie Mattel to chat about makeovers and recap the latest episode of RuPaul’s Drag Race!
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  • New Zealand is more than 2 times bigger than New Year by land mass, but New York is more highly populated with almost twice the amount of people.

    Laura KiddLaura Kidd2 ngày trước
  • Oh I see Trixie asked my childhood Sunday school teacher for outfit ideas... Except hers would have been some weird tea length with a Mary Jane shoe, so Trixie wore it better.

    ahowardahoward3 ngày trước
  • Trixie: I never would’ve thought of doing a half mask like that The solid line on her face: 👁👄👁

    Rebecca ArmstrongRebecca Armstrong6 ngày trước
  • I’m obsessed with Nicky! She’s gorgeous and so talented. Love ya girl ❤️

    Aaron GurneyAaron Gurney6 ngày trước
  • I just realized that isn’t glare in trixie’s glasses

    Waiu MaadWaiu Maad7 ngày trước

    Jordan AndersonJordan Anderson7 ngày trước
  • The Swedish people don’t have hands 😭

    Sufiyan MotiwalaSufiyan Motiwala9 ngày trước
  • WOW!! Nicky RULED that guest spot. Great energy and wit.

    Ann T ChaneyAnn T Chaney9 ngày trước
  • Anyone else think Nicky looks like Cinderella?! Was that a French fairytale? Loll

    Austin KingAustin King9 ngày trước
  • Denali was robbedddd

    Dennis VivianiDennis Viviani11 ngày trước
  • Israel has not yet learnt to be multicultural

    W MW M11 ngày trước
  • Does anyone know that lip gloss Nicky is wearing?

    xdajlo82xdajlo8212 ngày trước
  • I love Nicki doll so much more because of this. Perhaps my favorite person to ever be on the pitstop

    Trevon HarrisTrevon Harris13 ngày trước
  • “In America it’s like, if I don’t have it I can buy it, so gimme the foundation ok” 💀 I laughed so hard because she is so 100% right.

    Find the Beauty in EverythingFind the Beauty in Everything13 ngày trước
  • Nicky looks very Puerto Rican.

    Sun & MoonSun & Moon14 ngày trước
  • Me smoking pot at 2 am watching this-

    Closs CcCloss Cc14 ngày trước
  • New Zealand is more than twice the size (something like 2.2 times) the size of the entire STATE of New York, not just the island of Manhattan. ;) However, a) the state of New York does have close to 4 times as many people as New Zealand; b) let's face it, we love Trixie but we don't watch her for her encyclopedic knowledge of geography nor her math skills; and c) I'm probably too much of a nerd to even be here. I"ll show myself out....

    MirahAmmalMirahAmmal15 ngày trước
  • 21:28 lol lol

    Ru BichRu Bich15 ngày trước
  • 21:00 best part

    Lucas OliverLucas Oliver16 ngày trước
  • L💋ve these too. Who knew Nicky Doll was so shady. You’re just stunned by the beauty and then you’re like .....”did she just throw shade?” .......Effortless lololol

    Willba ForceWillba Force16 ngày trước
  • I think Trixie was my kindergarten teacher.

    Alicia FAlicia F17 ngày trước
  • Trixie: joey jay went home... Nicky: well kandy muse is still here. Me: PIYVCIUDHVKDUHBKJHBE

    jason bradshawjason bradshaw17 ngày trước
  • Nikki was so great, I love how honest and cutting she is 🖤🖤

    DustinDustin17 ngày trước
  • I'll say it now as I said it then,Denali did not deserve to be in the bottom. It should have been Olivia and Tina. I agree that she got screwed and she wasn't able to do as well as she could have.

    sarahindy24sarahindy2418 ngày trước
  • The most boring queen.

    George BrysonGeorge Bryson18 ngày trước
  • tina MASSACRED rosè

    taryn morristaryn morris18 ngày trước
  • Trixie burn the outfit and never curl inward again lol

    Jason LunaJason Luna19 ngày trước
  • I’m from New Zealand! New York indeed has a larger population than us (8.1 million vs 4.9 million) despite New Zealand being roughly 342 times the size of NY by area

    Krishan GosaiKrishan Gosai19 ngày trước
  • New Zealand is bigger than New York geographically but New York has a way bigger population than New Zealand

    Miria Hepi-KamoMiria Hepi-Kamo20 ngày trước
  • Trixie, that wig is wanted in every state for crimes against eyes.

    puggilovepuggilove21 ngày trước
  • Denali looked BEAUTIFUL. Just not like Olivia

    Yellow HouseYellow House21 ngày trước
  • Nicky came to get the pit stop cancelled!!!! Screaming 😂

    Ivan DominguezIvan Dominguez21 ngày trước
  • 12:49 fact check: Population wise, New York is definitely bigger than the country of New Zealand. I known as a New Zealander (shout out to my Kiwi fam) NZ has almost 5 million people, while New York has more than 8 million. However, landmass wise, New Zealand wipes the floor with New York. New York is 783.8 km2, while New Zealand is 268,021 km2. Feel free to do the conversion, but believe me when I say, landmass wise, New Zealand is quite a bit bigger. So there's your 2-week late fact check. You're welcome.

    DandafryingpanDandafryingpan21 ngày trước
  • “all the people who win drag race believe they’re going to win while they’re there” well you won trixie

    Ronin DureyRonin Durey23 ngày trước
  • Kiwi here: NYC has more people than NZ - FACT 8mil v 5mil

    MissLauraSmilesMissLauraSmiles23 ngày trước
  • This maxi challenge was a serious test of how well each pair of queens could really pull together the salient parts of their brands.

    Allan SongAllan Song24 ngày trước
  • Denali's elimination is a crime

    Işıl YaşIşıl Yaş24 ngày trước
  • Nicky Doll -“I’m from overseas, it’s allowed” Kandy - ☠️

    Qarl KittyQarl Kitty24 ngày trước

    Aline ArmondAline Armond25 ngày trước
  • lol I’m sure someone already fact checked this but New Zealand is 268,021 km², New York (the whole state) is 783.8 km² ... so New Zealand is much much bigger. I think Nicky means in population because there’s only about 5 million people in New Zealand and more than 8 million just in New York City.

    ceciliaaaxifulceciliaaaxiful25 ngày trước
  • Trixie’s look and wig is transcending

    Noch1MalNoch1Mal25 ngày trước
  • Nicky’s commentary for this episode was so good, need to see more of her

    Daniyal ADaniyal A25 ngày trước
  • Psychics are vultures preying on people at their weakest moments. Dangling dead loved ones in front of the bereaved is disgusting.

    ImaginaryMdAImaginaryMdA25 ngày trước
  • whay nicky look soo brow ._.

    daf aurora ayala martinezdaf aurora ayala martinez26 ngày trước
  • Nicki: “I’m from overseas it’s allowed”. Love that response because it shows how here we like to talk through the side of our moths like Trixie just did.

    Rock girlRock girl26 ngày trước
  • New Zealander here 🙌🏽🙌🏽 we have a population of 5 million people

    Ashleigh CrofskeyAshleigh Crofskey27 ngày trước
  • That mug Tina put on a Rosè was a CRIME. She needs to be in prison, my mom and I screamed when we saw it HAHAH

    AlexAlex27 ngày trước
  • Nicky is funny! We stan a shady queen

    bahahahabahahaha28 ngày trước
    • I felt for Denali😢

      nieooj gotoynieooj gotoy27 ngày trước
  • Nicky has such an understated sense of humour and I absolutely adore her.

    ApopheniaApophenia28 ngày trước
    • I felt for Denali😢

      Rock girlRock girl26 ngày trước
  • Psychics are well known for cold reading. You're telling me this woman got booked on RPDR and didn't have the time to do some deep digging on the queens? I call bullshit.

    ApopheniaApophenia28 ngày trước
  • That's Katya's wig!

    Lee MortensenLee Mortensen28 ngày trước
  • This episode shows exactly why I hated group projects in school...

    bcvbb hyuibcvbb hyui28 ngày trước
  • #NickyDoll 👑💜

    Luis GaldamezLuis Galdamez28 ngày trước
  • 🤢🤮

    Whitebolls92Whitebolls9228 ngày trước
  • I "escaped" UNHhhh to low-key get away from the "Sway-dish pay-ple" accent, but ok

    FrancoFranco29 ngày trước
    • Can someone please explain to me what "trade" means? I urban dictionaried it and I'm still lost

      bcvbb hyuibcvbb hyui28 ngày trước
  • This episode shows exactly why I hated group projects in school...

    Ailsa NiAilsa Ni29 ngày trước
  • I did not know that Nicky did Pete’s makeup on SNL! I am *FLOORED* because not only did Ru turn that show out but that was a hilarious sketch with Ru and Pete 👏🏿

    Bieassia LawBieassia Law29 ngày trước
  • This is a combo I didn't know I needed, they have so much chemistry!

    EllsBellsEllsBells29 ngày trước
  • But is it fashion?

    R SmithR Smith29 ngày trước
    • "OLIVIA IS SOOOOO BEAUTIFUL" - Trixie every PitStop

      Ailsa NiAilsa Ni29 ngày trước
  • The cow was just hilarious

    Jamie CawleyJamie Cawley29 ngày trước
  • That wig was a choice

    ketchupsketchups29 ngày trước
  • New Zealand is about 2.2 times bigger than New York. New York is approximately 122,283 sq km, while New Zealand is approximately 268,838 sq km, making New Zealand 120% larger than New York.

    bob rossbob ross29 ngày trước
  • I felt for Denali😢

    Julie TigermoonJulie Tigermoon29 ngày trước
  • Not Nicky over here being an underrated comedy queen

    alli14938alli1493829 ngày trước
  • I feel like Rosé did a great job turning Tina into herself! Tina on the other hand...

    Emily OliverEmily Oliver29 ngày trước
  • “Wait, who is Olivia? I only know Fred.” Nicky is and always has been a funny queen.

    Michelle ErikaMichelle Erika29 ngày trước
  • merci Nicky parce que les ricains et leur « omelette du fromage han han han » yenamar là

    Gaspard BillauxGaspard BillauxTháng trước
  • is trixie wearing katya's wig?

    xpaigexpaigeTháng trước
  • The diligent interviewer annually breathe because swimming recurrently succeed like a homely missile. quirky, lively snowflake

    Bree PhamBree PhamTháng trước
  • Can someone please explain to me what "trade" means? I urban dictionaried it and I'm still lost

    LolaLolaTháng trước
    • @Lola it's nothing!

      andré dominguesandré dominguesTháng trước
    • @andré domingues Ahh, thank you!

      LolaLolaTháng trước
    • usually means a guy that is straight but would get with a drag queen independent of her gender! but the definition is a little loose

      andré dominguesandré dominguesTháng trước
  • up thinking she was a comedy queen and they were like, "No. But here's a spread in Vogue!"

    bouytt guytbouytt guytTháng trước
  • I love Nicky Doll! I want her on ALL STARS 🤩

    Miss Maya JessicaMiss Maya JessicaTháng trước
  • What is up with the horrible wig Trixie?

    W GW GTháng trước
  • "OLIVIA IS SOOOOO BEAUTIFUL" - Trixie every PitStop

    미젤미젤Tháng trước
    • when will tracy give up on this awful wig

      bouytt guytbouytt guytTháng trước
  • At what times are these released? Like when will yesterday’s episode be available?

    Jacob ReaJacob ReaTháng trước
  • No girl, New York is not bigger than New Zealand

    Raine SaengRaine SaengTháng trước
  • Nicky is a liar ! XD

    K MinaK MinaTháng trước
  • Got heavy got wip cream ...

    Nickel HamiltonNickel HamiltonTháng trước
  • I agree both Olivia and Denali , did horrible on the make up....

    Nickel HamiltonNickel HamiltonTháng trước
  • The double shantay should be on the make-over episode.

    kolim jonekolim joneTháng trước
  • Nicky is Cinderella here!

    Angelica BandaAngelica BandaTháng trước
  • Also, on tv 📺 producers, assistants and the crew can give a guest “psychic” intel and information pre-filming.. it’s a great trick for dramatic effect 😎

    Zachariah The WitchZachariah The WitchTháng trước
  • Trixie's wig is giving me life.

    Alexander BrownAlexander BrownTháng trước
    • TBH when Gottmik came out onto the runway I thought it was Adore Delano

      kolim jonekolim joneTháng trước
  • According to a QUICK google search, New Zealand is about 2.2 times bigger than New York. Aaand, I am actually Swedish and we do say "tack" (thank you) way to much...

    Marcus TallbergMarcus TallbergTháng trước
  • as a swedish person trixies swedish accent cracks me up everytime😂

    withoutscarswithoutscarsTháng trước
  • Oh wow Nikky Doll is so fun (gorgeous) to watch here.

    joy beejoy beeTháng trước
  • im french too...u can use the language barrier so much..its ok if u fail u still awesome

    czurbandanazczurbandanazTháng trước
  • sorry but gotmiks outfit did NOT say Kandy at all I would have guessed it was Tina burner. Plus you could put that white clown face on any of them & it would instantly say Gotmik. I do think Gotmik did well capturing Kandys attitude but all the rest they did was not that great.

    E NE NTháng trước
  • when will tracy give up on this awful wig

    Rebecca JohnsonRebecca JohnsonTháng trước
  • Nobody: Nicky Doll: tells the complete unbothered truth

    oiuet souiuoiuet souiuTháng trước
  • i always knew nicky was a shady lady. i love her

    Diana Jo HarryDiana Jo HarryTháng trước
  • Honestly, it's season 13 so we need a cooky queen like Utica. I've declared.

    Ivo EmpowersIvo EmpowersTháng trước
  • I felt so seen when Nicky said "stop smoking weed at 2 am"

    Ivo EmpowersIvo EmpowersTháng trước
    • "And the winner of Eurovision is..." EUROVISION GANG RAISE UP!

      oiuet souiuoiuet souiuTháng trước
  • Is Nicky French Violet?

    Shandaeya CaldwellShandaeya CaldwellTháng trước
  • The flawless click radiologically sail because court scully bleach given a imperfect hardware. eager, silent father-in-law

    Kristina YunKristina YunTháng trước
  • Nicki: “I’m from overseas it’s allowed”. Love that response because it shows how here we like to talk through the side of our moths like Trixie just did.

    Ricardo CastroRicardo CastroTháng trước
  • Turns out Nicki is in fact a liar! New Zealand is bigger than New York

    asssholoasssholoTháng trước
  • TBH when Gottmik came out onto the runway I thought it was Adore Delano

    Melissa GrayMelissa GrayTháng trước
  • Trixie is gasping at Nicky's comments, but I dunno. I lived in France, I'm pretty sure she's just being Parisian. They probably don't even have a word for shade, they're just like, 'We invented that.' (And no doubt she's doing the Ile-de-France proud! 😘😘)

    stephanie wereleystephanie wereleyTháng trước
  • Gott Heavy Cream?!!!! 🙃🤣😭😭🤣🤣🤣🤣 Nicky really gutted me this episode

    brandyn.brandyn.Tháng trước