Kahmora Hall Performs “Giving Him Something He Can Feel” by En Vogue | #DragRace Reunited

17 Th04, 2021
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In her original music video for #DragRace Reunited, Kahmora Hall gives a sexy performance to “Giving Him Something He Can Feel” by En Vogue!
#VH1 #DragRace
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    RuPaul's Drag RaceRuPaul's Drag Race20 ngày trước
    • @Osvaldo Jijón I care

      Tushar swrTushar swr18 ngày trước
    • Who cares

      Osvaldo JijónOsvaldo Jijón20 ngày trước
  • He really think he is that hot huh?

    Ricc LeeRicc Lee5 ngày trước

    Ali MurphyAli Murphy6 ngày trước
  • Sis said she take 4 hours to do her makeup for a REASON

    Triston AntoineTriston Antoine11 ngày trước
  • is she into race play or something, with the boyfriend of hers?

    Alexis AguirreAlexis Aguirre17 ngày trước
  • this is her fantasy and we're all blessed to be living in it

    Erica V.Erica V.17 ngày trước
  • Imagine being that beautiful

    Flea BaguetteFlea Baguette17 ngày trước
  • she put makep on ehr makeup

    BeiBei MakuBeiBei Maku18 ngày trước
  • This is how Kahmora gets ready that's why it takes so long. She didn't even know this was a finale thing she was just touching up for a zoom gig

    ᄆᄋᄀᄆᄋᄀ18 ngày trước
  • Is that an abb?

    Nikolas DoulasNikolas Doulas18 ngày trước
  • Stuniiiiiing😍

    Juan LaraJuan Lara18 ngày trước
  • This was my favorite she’s just so elegant and gorgeous

    Tracelynn SangsterTracelynn Sangster19 ngày trước
  • wow he’s still in the tub..

    lone wolflone wolf19 ngày trước
  • This is the most VIRGO video I’ve ever seen! Flawless, perfect, tasteful 💜😍 Yes Kahmora !!!

    Keila Abrego CubillaKeila Abrego Cubilla19 ngày trước
  • finally someone to represent the upper class drag queens

    titan17xytitan17xy19 ngày trước
  • Yes! I have been waiting for someone to do this song and THIS was everything!

    Elizabeth Culver EdwardsElizabeth Culver Edwards19 ngày trước
  • Sooo Goooood!!!

    King JuniorKing Junior20 ngày trước
  • come on En Vogue

    Osvaldo JijónOsvaldo Jijón20 ngày trước
  • You can't deny that if she had stayed on all season, she would have slayed EVERY SINGLE RUNWAY.

    Neha MisraNeha Misra20 ngày trước
  • That's why i guess she's always late on her gigs cause of this lol

    Piper CieloPiper Cielo20 ngày trước
  • Yessssss bitch

    SugarBaby EsquireSugarBaby Esquire20 ngày trước
  • She gave us cinematography and narrative I must stan

    Ricardo RoxasRicardo Roxas20 ngày trước
  • we need to make a petition for kahmora for season 14

    patchesspatchess20 ngày trước
  • Omg why Kahmora's so beautiful?

    Gustavo ZotelliGustavo Zotelli20 ngày trước
  • She understood the assignment!

    D.E \\D.E \\20 ngày trước
  • Ok girl, throw away the receipt cause Im buying it.

    Michael MartinMichael Martin20 ngày trước
  • So, when I was little and people would ask me what kind of music I liked, I would always say "I like En Vogue music" because as a 5 through 8 year old I was dumb dumb and thought that it was its own genre of music like Pop or R&B...... Well, you know the first time I had an adult actually give me props and tell me how much they equally loved En Vogue instead of choosing to immediately argue with me and/or inform me that it wasn't it's own genre?!?! It was 3 of the most beautiful drag queens I've ever seen!! Two were black _(Afro_Latina)_ and one was lighter skin Latina, and I still remember to this day (22 years later) exactly what those stunning queens looked like. My white adoptive Dad sat there enjoying every second of it as I, his Colombian born daughter sat practically burried between 3 6ft + drag queens as we gabbed away in Spanish. It was AMAZING and my caucasian firefighter Dad still looks back on it fondly and tells everyone he possible can about the time we took the F train unaware it was smack in the middle of Pride 😂😂😂

    AJAJ21 ngày trước
  • high quality content ✨🙌 I love you kah

    Andrea VelozoAndrea Velozo21 ngày trước
  • This is like a commercial shot!

    Hazel Toffee ToffuuHazel Toffee Toffuu21 ngày trước
  • One of the best videos

    Amarah DaniellaAmarah Daniella21 ngày trước
  • Ok but I’d live for a season 14 redemption

    Atomic AnnieAtomic Annie21 ngày trước
  • I was rooting for US I was ROOTING for US I was rooting for US I was rooting for....US

    Mark AlexanderMark Alexander21 ngày trước
  • Well when i heard this song.. i always think about Jujubee's Lip sync for your life !

    Lim HengLim Heng21 ngày trước
  • Bitchhhhhhhhh !!!!!! 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

    Jasmine PJasmine P21 ngày trước
  • how possible that she shower and didn’t clean her make up

    Ratthacha MonkaewRatthacha Monkaew21 ngày trước
  • Why am I, a straight woman, getting turned on?

    Sydney MooreSydney Moore21 ngày trước
  • Kahmora actually Gave us a whole production. ACTUAL FISH

    BobbyBelAmiBobbyBelAmi21 ngày trước
  • This was the best video 💁

    Prof. LeandroProf. Leandro22 ngày trước
  • Kahmora is so beautiful!! She's just one of those queens you just can't stop staring at because of how pretty they are and how beautiful their looks are!! She slayed.

    Stevie HayesStevie Hayes22 ngày trước
  • Great job filming DS! I see you! LOL

    Lucas RedaLucas Reda22 ngày trước
  • Love it!❤️

    M CarmelitaM Carmelita22 ngày trước
  • A wig ruveal without showing the ACTUAL ruveal? Kahmora is an icon 💯😭

    Dante ShawDante Shaw22 ngày trước
  • that discreet promotion towards gigi's lipsticks 0:44

    isabel goodeisabel goode22 ngày trước
  • I love her fashion but I got to say, she doesn't emote very well when lipsyncing. Her facial expression is a bit stiff. I wish she was show more emotion through her expressions and eyes. Somebody teach her to smileyes please 🙏

    E LE L22 ngày trước
  • All Star Material!!! Super proud of her!! She was the first out, but has the best production!! I could watch this forever

    AlalaAlala22 ngày trước

    barbie bitchbarbie bitch22 ngày trước
  • i'm actually living for this 4 hour beat. stunning

    hellohello22 ngày trước
  • Miss kahmora serving face and body honae she is the one honae 😍😍😍

    Tshepang McunuTshepang Mcunu22 ngày trước
  • GLAMOUR! From the house of HAAAAAAAALL!

    BBBBBB22 ngày trước
  • Ok I have to say maybe her lip sync was not the strongest but if makeup and runways actually really mattered towards winning in rupauls drag race I guarantee she would be in the top 4

    Henry BiekerHenry Bieker22 ngày trước
  • this was the best video that episode. that's on periodt.

    france tfrance t22 ngày trước
  • Damn!😍

    Prasun BiswasPrasun Biswas22 ngày trước
  • All the vibes!!

    Freya BlightFreya Blight22 ngày trước
  • She is rich af.. Sue me

    Nam LeeNam Lee22 ngày trước

    Leah MooreLeah Moore22 ngày trước
  • Absolutely my favorite music video from the reunion. I love every single thing about this videos vibe

    SacagawaywaySacagawayway22 ngày trước
  • This song was my JAM when I was a teen!

    Nola GirlNola Girl22 ngày trước
  • The lips sync could have been better

    Ashton BlankAshton Blank23 ngày trước
  • we were robbed of seeing more of her

    lavenderylavendery23 ngày trước
  • The best 1st eliminated contestant ever!

    D LoveD Love23 ngày trước
  • Didn't know she did beauty shots.

    M Del ValleM Del Valle23 ngày trước
  • Is this why it takes him 6 hours to get into drag? 😭😭

    Pennypop13Pennypop1323 ngày trước
  • The mo-o-ost glamourous in this race

    Anthony McKayAnthony McKay23 ngày trước
  • she ate this UP

    kris dkris d23 ngày trước
  • I got pregnant watching this

    CakesCakes23 ngày trước
  • With the head wrap and her smokey makeup she really looks like Mitski on the cover of Be the Cowboy! So pretty

    TM06TM0623 ngày trước

    Cole CokerCole Coker23 ngày trước
  • No No No !!!!! Please STOP 🛑

    Marilyn FloydMarilyn Floyd23 ngày trước
  • currently putting this on repeat to give kahmora the coin she deserves

    GS Naomi SmallsGS Naomi Smalls23 ngày trước
  • Unclockable biological woman. STUNNINGGGGGGFFGFFFF

    Kimberly KKimberly K23 ngày trước
  • I got the feeling Kahmora will become woman in some years

    MiguelMiguel23 ngày trước
  • Not really impressed.... Bland, boring and vain. So many other queen's with talent should have taken his spot

    Ritchieg1983Ritchieg198323 ngày trước
  • This was amazing

    JonanHydenJonanHyden23 ngày trước
  • A WOMENN! I wish she had more time on this season her wardrobe was intense

    isabella espositoisabella esposito23 ngày trước
  • The way production tried to diminish her beauty and elegance. She was fucking STUNNNNNNNNNNN INGGGGGGGGGGGGG.

    goliaboigoliaboi23 ngày trước

    Diego MelendezDiego Melendez23 ngày trước
  • That smile right here 0:29 needs to be memed 😬🤣

    Spiritual BeingSpiritual Being23 ngày trước
  • I live for this!!

    pianosyrup123pianosyrup12323 ngày trước
  • Giving us nothing girl 🤣🤣🤣

    Christian UreñaChristian Ureña23 ngày trước
  • Goood, I love her!!! So beautiful!!!

    Bruno de ToledoBruno de Toledo23 ngày trước

    skinnyskinny23 ngày trước
  • The House of Hall serving GLAMOUR PUSS.

    Nelson UyNelson Uy23 ngày trước
  • Invented the female gender❤️❤️

    Seth RyansSeth Ryans23 ngày trước
  • This was EVERYTHING!!

    Sammy BrierleySammy Brierley23 ngày trước
  • Can we have a drag race special of just kahmora walking the runway? I feel like we aren't worthy but a man can dream.

    Zaq PutnamZaq Putnam23 ngày trước
  • Canaanite

    L** Dal****L** Dal****23 ngày trước
  • feeling: sexually confused

    Naomi MNaomi M23 ngày trước
  • The house of Hall really said women in bubbles.

    John CunananJohn Cunanan23 ngày trước
  • What I do at a stranger's house while there's a party going on and a 15 person line outside the door.

    Frosty WizlordFrosty Wizlord23 ngày trước
  • this is what kahmora be doing when she take so damn long for her gigs

    Kian Carl LaquianKian Carl Laquian23 ngày trước
  • Best mug of season

    James BrowerJames Brower23 ngày trước
  • wow

    pukupukupowpowpukupukupowpowpukupukupowpowpukupukupowpow23 ngày trước
  • "what do you do in the shower for 40+ minutes?" me in the shower for the past 3 hours:

    pukupukupowpowpukupukupowpowpukupukupowpowpukupukupowpow23 ngày trước
  • she had the best video

    CheyenneCheyenne23 ngày trước
  • jinkx monsoon and detox have entered the chat

    c baldwinc baldwin23 ngày trước
  • this was a serve

    kiramabelkiramabel23 ngày trước
  • this is the one song i always wanted to as lip sync fyl again song. I remember when juju was drunk and lip syncing this vs tati.

    EJ IoaneEJ Ioane23 ngày trước
  • She is giving pure opulence! She owns everything! I hope to see more from Kahmora, she's absolutely stunning!!

    ElizabethElizabeth23 ngày trước
  • Killed it kamorah. Loved it

    Cece's Afterlife InvestigationsCece's Afterlife Investigations23 ngày trước
  • I cannot get over how beautiful Kahmora is!

    JakeJake23 ngày trước